A Few B2B Marketing Tips

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Marketing your business can be a difficult endeavor. This is especially true if your target audience is narrow, such as in B2B relations. However, experts in the marketing industry have a few tips for B2B marketing.

A High-Quality Website

Your website is your face on the Internet. Other businesses will form their first impression based on the content of your site. The website should be easy to navigate and have your brand stamped on the header of every page. Beyond that, it should clearly state what the company does. Some businesses choose to outsource the design of their website to ensure that it conveys professionalism and efficiency.

Create Videos on YouTube and Facebook
Some companies are very good at salesmanship, but they do not create digestible videos for their audience. Most users are more likely to watch a video than to read a blogpost. That is not to say that blogposts are not important, but videos should be one of your primary campaigns. These videos should have helpful content related to your industry. Then your audience will come to you for information, which will indirectly lead to more sales.


Maximize Your SEO
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process by which most people will find your website. If your website excels in SEO, then your website will be on the top of the search results. Search engines such as Google and Yahoo frequently change their SEO criteria. This means that you will have to discern search engine trends and read the relevant literature.

Encourage People to Comment
There is a critical ingredient that is often overlooked in getting likes and shares on social media. It is an invitation. Most Facebook users do not think to share a post unless someone simply asks them to. This is what is known as a call to action. There should be one on the majority of your social media posts.

Partner with Influencers
Bloggers are usually more than happy to share a post from a fellow influencer, and you should be as well. It is a free advertisement. Share a few of their posts on social media and tag them. They might take an interest in your content and share yours as well. Beyond that, ask them if you could write a guest post.

Use Punchout Catalogs
As a business expands, they will need the resources to compete at a higher level. A Punchout Catalog helps them to do that. Punchout catalogs begin with what are known as procurement systems. A procurement system is a purchasing software that allows the buyer to make their purchase in a controlled environment. A Punchout Catalog is a website committed to maintaining a business’s procurement system. Websites such as GreenWing Technology ( are ideal for their experience with procurement systems and their capacity to handle a large number of clients.

You should not let B2B marketing overwhelm you. While there may be a lot of nuances, many have found success with proper research and effort.

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