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Web designing is the most important feature of a website. Web designing defines the look of your website. Tim B designs are considered as the best designs for your website. Tim Brown is a well-known website designer. He has also launched his Beginner Word Press Course for those aspirants who wish to learn web designing. Mentioned below are some steps that you need to consider while designing your web page.

Grab the ideas:While surfing the internet, you may find many attractive good looking interactive websites over the internet. What you can do is grab the idea behind the design of the website. You can use that design in designing your own website. You can also use it as a template in your website. There is no such rule that you cannot design your website very similar to any other website.


Focus on working of website:It doesn’t matter how good your website looks or how attracting and interactive it is but the client only cares about how good it is in working and performing over the internet. So always focus on the working of the website, also try to make it look good as well.

Use right tools:You can use some good tools while designing your website such as Unsplash, Pixeldropr and ice moon. These tools can help you in designing the website. They are free and don’t have any kind of copyrights.

Design it or modify it:There are two basic ways to make you website. First, you can design your own website from the beginning till the end all by yourself. Second you can pick a template website and edit it to make the website. Now days all the websites are being designed using either of the way. Both ways are efficient and doesn’t cause any kind of problem while working over the internet.

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