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The wars in the present day would be imaginable without the utilization of military aircraft. Unquestionably, no country can go to war armed with only one kind of aircraft. Every country must invest in diverse kinds of aircraft ranging from bombers, fighter aircraft, and tankers to observation balloons. Each of the different kinds of planes has a distinct role to play. And each of these roles is as important as the next.

While looking at airplanes for defense purposes, one finds that many of the aircraft are multi-functional. For example, the F-4 Phantom is not only a fighter-bomber. It is also used for the purpose of exploration. It also plays the additional roles of ECM and CAS. Additionally, if such an aircraft seems to fall too expensive, there are numerous other military aircraft to bolster a nation’s defenses. For example, the American F/A-18 Hornet is great as a fighter plane and also as a striker.


There are a few basic kinds of military aircraft. These include ground attack aircraft, fighter planes, tankers, trainers and bombers. Aside from this, aircraft are also used for observation, transport, and surveillance. Fighter aircraft are intended to attack. Consequently, they are easily-maneuverable and speedy. In the modern world, air superiority is the aspect that decides the fate of military conflicts. Thus, most countries invest in fighter planes because their ability to win wars is renowned Megabite Electronics is a technology company specializing in defense equipment, distributing its products to companies such as Air Dry of America and Joslyn-Sunbank Corp.

Nevertheless, fighter planes alone cannot win wars. Eventually, it has to be a team effort. That is where ground attack aircraft such as the F-104 enters the scene. While the ground attack aircraft strengthen the defense, the fighter aircraft spearhead the attack. These planes are also identified as tactical fighters. They are put into action at the head of the battle and are reinforced to protect the pilot against the fire of small arms.

Cheng du J-10: China’s very own Cheng du J-10 is the topmost jewel of the Chinese air troop. Owing its design and manufacture to the CAC or Cheng du Aircraft Corporation, the J-10 is an aircraft that can do effectively anything a modern fighter jet can do in any weather.

Mikoyan MiG-35: The Russian Mikoyan MiG-35 is the zenith of the MiG-29 Fulcrum jets. The many features include an amped up weapons and avionics system.

F-35 Lightning II: The F-35 Lightning II is hailed by aviation experts as the world’s most scientifically superior jet fighter. Its technological and flexible sophistication are unmatched today. It is the most challenging fifth-generation multirole fighter in the world.

Other military aircraft include tankers, bombers, and trainers. As the name proposes, bombers are designed to drop bombs on ground targets. The A-10 Thunderbolt is an instance of a bomber that attacks strategic targets. Tankers are used to refill other aircraft when their fuel gets exhausted. There are also a number of aircraft identified as trainers. These are used to teach pilots about navigating, flying, and aiming their weapons. Along with these, individuals have the aircraft that are used purely for transportation and those that are used to perceive military activity on the ground level. As the company Megabite Electronicsclaims, defense without aircraft is no longer a possibility.

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