Features of a CDN

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CDN or Content delivery network is a network of servers that are strategically placed and located all around the world to provide the customers with fastest delivered content. The primary goal of CDN is to increase the rate of data transfer as well as provides the customers with best services. Retrieving the data from a farther distance results in slow retrieval of the data whereas sometimes results in loss of data packets. So this is why this network is made to provide the fastest and the accurate data to the user. A CDN reseller can provide you with this facility. Some of the features of this technology are mentioned below.


Caching: This network provides the facility of caching which means that most of the data is being cached from the prime server to the local server. When user makes the request, the data is being provided from the nearest present server and there will be no loss of the data. The data will also be transferred at the highest speed.

Security: Security is another added feature that comes with this network. This network offers the security and privacy that is needed on the prime server. The main server is only accessible by the local servers. So the prime server is always protected by the hackers and virus that may steal your data or sneak into your system. CDN provides you with set of tools using which you can restrict the access of the content as well as access to the server.

Analytics: CDN also provides you with the analytics related to the server. You can get the analysis of the server performance, bandwidth that is been allocated, and the users request. All these information are updated in real time so that you can monitor the performance of the server and can manage the server accordingly.

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