Gary Vee at Influence Montreal with the Montreal SEO Expert

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According to Montreal SEO Expert, Herman Tumurcuoglu, Gary Vaynerchuk will be in Montreal this week. Among the many influential conferences he attends annually, Influence Montreal is one of the most important. Montreal is home to many entrepreneurs. As a general statement, Montrealers are multi-taskers, creative and colorful, and think quickly on their feet. In a city where most people are bilingual and have been required to learn both languages and many other, Montrealers have had their challenges. Additionally, winters are hard to cope with. Sometimes, it require thinking on their feet to reroute their days around Mother Nature.


The Montreal SEO Expert is especially excited to see Gary Vee this year because he is looking for some inspiration. With more changes happening between his team of experts and him, he is looking for ways to restore some company work spirit. Additionally, his team is very successful at their work and there is a demand for them. How can they organize their time more efficiently or change their model? Should they hire more help? The team also has to consider that they may need the help now but not later on, the agency’s flow may drop depending on the season. Montreal SEO Expert is hoping to get some one on one time with Gary Vee. He is one of the world’s leading and most successful marketers that has built his career on focusing on what trends may come next. Growing his family wine business by a wooping 40 million dollars and founding one of the most successful digital agencies, he became a venture capitalist and angel investor. This spring, he is featured in an Apple original series, “Planet of the Apps” which will feature multiple celebrities as well. Picking at this guy’s brain is a once in a lifetime chance to find direction and understand a successful, ethical, money making mindset. Hopefully, Turmurcuoglu can get some valuable information out of him today at Influence Montreal.

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