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Website designing is an important part of website development. In the present time, there is so much of competition which makes you fail just by a small margin. So, if you want your websites to be ahead of others, make sure to focus on each and every element of your website. In order to attract the viewers on your website it is very important to focus on adding gradients and using the attractive fonts for your website.

Use the best gradient

 In order to add a depth to your website gradients are the perfect way. It will make your website more colorful and attractive. Cool Gradients, Linear Gradients, diamond gradients, and horizontal gradients are the most common gradients that can be used for website. It allows your website to have shades of different colors in different pattern.


Use the mixes of fonts

Typography is an important part while designing a website. It enables the websites to appear more attractive and interesting hence the visitors or viewers of the website like to spend more time on a website. One of the latest trends to make the website beautiful is to use more than one font on your website. This will create more attractive appeal of your website, but, there is a need to ensure that so many fonts for a single website can affect the aesthetics of your websites and will make the viewers confusing to read the content of your website. You should carefully select the font and mix it widely throughout your website to grab the attention of the viewers. In addition to improving the aesthetics of the website, font mixes are used to enable all the viewers to view the different fonts. There are possibilities that one type of font may not support all the operating systems. Thus, to make the fonts visible on all the computers it is essential to use two or three fonts for websites.

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