Haim Toledano Presents his Top Investing Tips

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If you aspire towards financial success, saving and investment are necessary. “Since there is a multitude of saving and investment products and options available” says finance specialist Haim Toledano, “it is always wise to do your homework before purchasing or using any of these products”. This is because not all saving and investment products are suitable for everyone. Here are some top investing tips to consider when seeking an appropriate investment:

Choose Age Appropriate Investments

Believe it or not, the investment product that you choose should be based on your age and the stage that you are currently at in life. Stocks are one type of investment asset class that may not be appropriate for all ages because of the high levels of risk involved. The closer you get to retirement, the less of your investment portfolio should be allocated to equity instruments and other high risk investment vehicles such as alternate investments.


Do Your Research

A common mistake that new investors make is that they blindly invest in something because they see others investing in it. This is definitely not a good approach because the crowd is not necessarily right. The investments that you choose should be based on careful research to ascertain that the potential rewards outweigh the possible risks involved. Also, your risk profile should be a determining factor in which investment instruments you choose.

Know the Difference Between Saving and Investing

There are some folks who believe that when they put their money in the bank and receive interest that they are investing their money. However, they are really not investing but saving. The bank pays you interest because you allow them to invest your money. When the bank makes investment returns, they pay over a miniscule fraction to you as interest. The major part of the investment profits are kept by the bank.

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