How To Use The PPI Calculator Online?

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The people who have been cheated by the banks for the years to pay for the PPI are now turning towards online help and material available online to find the answers they are looking for. It is also suggested that you hire a PPI claim company; so that you are able to get the maximum compensation for the amount you have lost in paying towards PPI falsely all these years.

However, to know the amount that you would be getting back from the bank, the best way is to use the PPI calculator online. It is a very simple tool that can be used online at many different PPI based site where you put in the amount of the premium and the tenure you paid it for, and you would get the amount that the bank needs to give back to you as PPI refund.


Now, of course there are many other concerns that may not have been considered in its calculation, but it would give you a near approx estimate and this would help you to get motivated to go ahead and file the claim and get back the refund you deserve. Here are the steps for using the ppi calculator online.

  • First of all, you need to do research online and find a trusted site where there is PPI calculator available.
  • Once you have found the site where the PPI calculator is available, you need to fill in the blanks or provide the data it asks for.
  • The data it asks for would be the tenure you paid PPI premiums for, what was the PPI premiums amount, and the duration the financial product was active.
  • Once you have put in all the data, it would calculate the PPI refund amount and give you an approximate amount within seconds.

This is the way to use the PPI calculator online. You need to make sure that you search through the PPI related documents and know the PPI premium you have been paying, and the tenure you paid it for. This would help you get the right amount you should claim and will get back from the bank in the form of PPI refund.

The PPI calculator would also add the standard interest rate the banks give over the PPI premiums you have been paying for all these years, ensuring that the estimate provided is close to what you are supposed to get.

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