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In the recent times, the staffing industry has greatly evolved owing to the increase in the demand of these agencies. Not only the large scale companies but also the medium scale, small companies as well as the startups are hiring the staffing agencies to meet the shortage of the employees.

Steve Sorensen has been associated with this field for more than a few decades now. His experience, knowledge and skill regarding this particular industry are tremendous. He has in fact helped many associated with this industry to be successful. He is the ex-owner, CEO, and creator of Select Staffing, which grew from a two branch to a $3-million local Santa Barbara boutique business into a specialty staffing enterprise with $2-billion profits and over 400 locations. He is also the advisor and owner for another specialty staffing enterprise named Butler America, which generates more than $170 million in yearly income. The business provides staffing in the fields of telecommunications, healthcare, engineering, and IT.

Steve says that the job responsibilities of the staffing agency professionals are many which are listed below:

  • Offers quality customer service to employers looking for help in employing employees for designations they have registered
  • Takes job posting information from the employer and sends it to the central order taking unit for data entry
  • May screen the preparation and logistics of jobsite and onsite occasions
  • Refers competent candidates
  • Maintains job postings and assures adequate activity for excellent customer service.  Continues to hunt for applicants on job placements till employer informs that it is shut.  Records development, alterations, novel info, and communication consequences for job positions
  • Follows up regularly to find out whether the employer’s expectations are met and makes adjustments to offer better services
  • Provides employer feedback to career office staff so they can do a better job
  • Communicates employer requests to ensure all employer service requirements get to the staff that can aid meet every customer’s human resource requirements

Steve started his career after completing his Bachelor of Science degree from the Brigham Young University and his Masters of Business Administration degree from the Finance University of Chicago. During the leisure hours, Steve loves to watch an episode of Downton Abbey or The Voice. His favorite sport is basketball and his favorite teams are the LA Clippers and the BYU Cougars. His hobbies include snowboarding and ranching. He loves visiting to Hawaii, Maui; Park City, Puget Sound in Seattle, Washington; Utah; and their family ranches.

In addition to this, he is an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons). He is a returned missionary who also supports the LDS humanitarian services and charities. As an ardent businessman, Steve Sorensen is a partner and owner of the Flying V-Bar Ranch in Southern Arizona, Southern Utah, and Southern Mexico. He is also an owner and advisor for Hammon Plating and Diffraction Optics that deals with advanced artisan engineering, machining and manufacturing, for the semi-conductor industry.

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