Music and technology: Interdependence changed the way of listening it today

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Technology has been altering the musical core industry as well as music listening methods prior role in your lives. This technology has been born with gramophone and now to streaming of music. What are the factors affect this change or participate in it – could be an interesting to know about for music enthusiasts and music lovers. The timeline of music is  came in light with Music Cassettes CDS ,DVDs, ipad, iPods, tablets and other music devices along with boon of online music and streaming technology. You should come through this journey of music listening which is affected by technology and changing preferences of people. So there is change comes in getting the song also, from those times when music collection is only basis of cassette or CDS collection, not downloading. Now how easy it is to get 2017 English songs free download.


Various factors affecting music listening sources and devices

Music storage devices

The time before popularization of internet downloading and coming of online streaming music or these phone music applications, the music collection or music listening sources are primarily dependent on music storage devices like Cassettes, CDs, and DVDs and later even on USB storages and memory cards. However, DVDS and at some extents CDs are using now also for collection, distribution, releasing and selling of music but you can say as far as term of portable or any-time listening like you do with android apps or phone storage listening  , it doesn’t work. Collections do used apart from the latest technology of music listening of music streaming. People use storage devices like DVDs, USB and memory cards to collect music collections like popular songs, latest songs in English or their best customized collections.

Music listening Devices

Now the devices are according to technology, preferences and time has been also changed. Although, older ones are not extinct from the market but not preferred or some are modified to serve the today’s needs. Devices like cassette players are do extinct but some following technologies like compact CD players or DVD players are modified to new version as you known as it iPods where music storage either inbuilt or additionally expanded with memory cards. The I pods are las known device player which has been significant role as later it is occupied by technologies like phone music listening where music apps released by different companies where you can get online music or get download. Thereafter comes the streaming of music where you can listen the music online on music serving websites or music apps.

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