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Online reputation expert, Herman Tumurcuoglu is among the few search engine gurus that can handle international scale reputation crisis. Twenty-four seven Wall Street interviews Americans, asking them to rate companies from best to worst. The characteristics they had to base their ratings on were trust, quality of the product or service, social responsibility, and work environment condition/how employees are treated. The online reputation expert did not find it surprising that the companies that were rated the worst were financial institutions. Unlike startup companies or technology based agencies, financial institutions are expected by all to be stable. Their stability reflects the trust citizens want to have and place in them with their money and often, life savings.


Some of the least worst rated companies that came up included Wells Fargo and J.P Morgan Chase & Co.. The companies that were at the top of the list included Goldman Sachs ad AIG. This survey was conducted at the beginning of 2013. The online reputation expert believes that many Americans were still and likely are today, mad, disappointed, and untrustworthy of those companies because of the 2008 housing bubble they contributed to. Many of these companies have such poor reputations that they will never redeem themselves on Google. Tumurcuoglu believes that the most effective way to contribute to a healthy reputation is by fulfilling the criteria above and more. That criteria is what makes people trust you. As a financial institution, you cannot be successful without individuals investing their money into your firm, stock, and business. Money only makes the world go round if there is money to share. Furthermore, with the current Wells Fargo account scandal, their reputation is continuously being harmed. Do they intend to be trustworthy? Too often do companies lose sight of the bigger picture of global citizenship, excellence, and success. Wells Fargo focused on their quotas and numbers, making them fatter with fake accounts, robbing their clients of trust and in some cases, money.

For more information about the online reputation expert’s efforts and thoughts about international scandals, read more at the link above.

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