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Blackboards have always been in use from number of years and are one of the most effective ways of teaching. Till now blackboards were in use but with coming of whiteboards now teaching has become more fun and exciting. Due to their smooth surface it becomes easy to write anything on it and most importantly they do not need any wet cloth to clean it. They can simply clean with dusters or with any soft dusting cloth. In fact many of them are double sided also due to which you need not to rub any written content. You can flip to other side and can start writing; these types of boards are known as mobile whiteboards.


Get cheap boards online

 Many of them come with mounted on aluminum frame which four castors due to which they can be adjusted according to the size of the user. They are strong, durable and are highly versatile. Many of them are made fire resistant also and most importantly they are made as per the given policies. They are also available on number of online sites which you can prefer according to your requirement. The main benefit of buying online is that you can get cheap whiteboards. With online buying you need not to take any tension about its quality as they are made with high grade and standardized materials.  In fact, these days along with white surface they have been made available in number of other colors. They are available in colors like orange, yellow, blue, green, light pink, grey and many others.

Pin up board

Now days, many offices are also opting for fabric pin boards which can be used for placing notice or any other thing. As the name suggests, they are covered with fabric and have wooden sides that act as a frame. They come with fixing kit and pins to put paper on them. Many of them also come with combination of whiteboards on one of its sides.

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