The Essential Skills that Great Leaders Own

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Leadership is the procedure by which a person impacts others to achieve an objective. Leaders have vision which they share with others. It is the leader who bonds the company with values, beliefs, and knowledge. Business leaders across the world have become more and more conscious of the point that an efficient leadership quality is more vital than anything else in the workplace. The incorrect leadership quality can result in a lot of difficulties such as loss of revenue, low motivation, team disharmony and poor productivity as well as high staff turnover ratio.

Business leader Ram Chary has served several companies. He has held numerous positions including executive vice president, CEO, and director. From the University of Colorado he completed an Undergraduate Degree in Economics and from the Krannert School at Purdue University he received the MS in Finance and Operations Management. Post completion of education he started with his career. He has worked in IBM Global Services in infrastructure outsourcing and technology consulting. Moroever, he has managed the Professional Services organization of eFunds Corporation and also the technology division of Fidelity National Information Services, Inc.


Mr. Ram V. Chary has been working as the President and Chief Executive Officer of Multimedia Games Holding Company, Inc. and worked as the President and Chief Executive Officer of Everi Holdings Inc. He also functioned as an Executive Vice President of Global Commercial Services at Fidelity National Information Services, Inc.

Ram says that it is vital to develop your leadership skills if you are the manager of a company or an owner of a business or the CEO of a corporation. Great leadership qualities can bring great results. Leaders, in reality set examples for others to follow. But before that take place, they will have to demonstrate their value. Leaders are continuously being monitored by those who are likely to follow and whose respect they must receive. For this reason, courage and integrity define leadership better.

Listed below are the essential leadership skills that great leaders like Mr. Chary possess:

  • Win over others – the ability to influence other person’s decisions, actions, thinking or opinions
  • Goal Achievement – the total ability to pursue and set and reach attainable professional, personal, and team goals irrespective of circumstances or obstacles
  • Personal Responsibility – the ability to reply for individual actions
  • Interpersonal skills – the ability to interact with others in an optimistic way
  • Self-management skills – the ability to arrange and finish tasks within fixed time frames and the ability to control oneself under anxiety

All these are some of the most essential leadership skills that are important to become a successful and memorable business leader like Mr. Chary.

Mr. Chary takes part in several charitable causes such as the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, which deals with blood cancer. During the leisure hours, Mr. Ram Chary likes golf and hiking. He also likes to keep himself advanced with the latest in tennis and football.

Thus, in order to become a successful business leader, one should follow the footsteps of Mr. Chary.

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